Exclusive short to medium term alternative investments for qualified investors

Most people are looking for three things when it comes to investing:
Capital Preservation, Good Returns & Tax Efficiency.
We believe our experience and knowledge will help formulate the best strategy for any required Financial objectives.

Welcome to Elite Wealth UK

Elite Wealth is a market leading, knowledge broker that provides an exclusive investment introductory service for Sophisticated Investors and High Net Worth Individuals. 
Established in 2014 with over 18 years of experience in alternative investments, we are proud to introduce you to a number of handpicked opportunities where you can invest with total peace of mind.
Our Aim is to build long term relationships with all of our clients by guiding you into various sectors of the investment world always maintaining a very high level of respect and good business ethics along the way.
Our objective approach and unwavering commitment to provide the very best service and communication with all of our investors is ingrained in the culture of our firm with each member of the team on a daily basis.
Our integrity and honesty form the bedrock of our business. We expect the highest ethical standards in our service from start to finish.
Elite Wealth has some of the most talented investment professionals on board that are motivated by your needs.


Loanership & Ownership

What is Loanership?

Lending your money to a company or Government for a set period of time.

You receive income based on a fixed interest rate for a set period of time.

The Rate of return is known in advance. 

What is Ownership?

Purchasing all or a part of an asset at current market rate.

The value of asset will fluctuate with market conditions potentially giving you a higher return than you might get with lending your money.

Rate of return is unknown in advance


With Loanership and Ownership options available, investors goals can be achieved whilst using a diversified strategy not by hoping but by knowing that their investments are sheltered and will do well in any economic season that comes their way.

Successful investments requires extensive knowledge of the market and the ability to predict rather than simply react to market changes. Our investment strategy at Elite Wealth is founded on both of these principles and results in us only operating in markets where we truly understand the market mechanics.

How it works


Our investments are available to Sophisticated investors, HNW individual & Family Office


All the details of each investment are available in the form of Investment Proposal Memorandum


Each investment has different income options and different exit strategies depending on their structure


Investment is made by subscription and direct payment is made to the investment provider


Returns will start as soon as the funds have been received by the company or custodian

Why Choose Elite Wealth UK?

Elite Wealth offers qualified investors the opportunity to invest through our exclusive investment introductory platform. Those who opt for this route have the ability to research the issuing companies’ underlying fundamentals to ensure that they don’t purchase investments at risk of default. It is important to invest in companies with strong or improving corporate fundamentals, a solid management team with a investors focus, and where a normalisation of global growth could translate into revenue and earnings growth.We insure our investors that their portfolio is adequately diversified among different companies and sectors.


Investment decisions can be complicated because most of the information published in the media is not meant to inform but rather confuse and mislead investors.

At Elite Wealth we are here to help investors understand the investments that are presented to them. By understanding more about their investment goals, we can personalize the investment strategy suitable for their appetite for risk.