Intelligent Farming

As the Agri-Tech sector is expanding , this gives rise to many opportunities for the United Kingdom to expand within the global markets, where environmental, economic and social objectives are driving change .

Agriculture technology is becoming a focus for investors globally. With limited amounts of arable land to farm on, technology can ultimately aid farmers to increase productivity of their operations.

The indoor farms operate 365 days a year growing produce 24 Hrs7 day a week

The UK has many strengths that can build upon to become the global leaders in Agri-Tech which currently contributes around 14.3 Billion towards the economy. The UK spends 500 million a year on agricultural research and development which the the British Government is set to spend 90 Million to revolutionize tech in UK agriculture and improve supply chain resilience in the agri-food sector

The government has set to raise R&D in the UK to match the averages of OECD,s as the UK is seeking to leave the European Union , this gives rise to several opportunities to become world leaders.



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